Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Product!

Sugar Tree Press is excited to announce that they will be introducing a bunch of new product over the next few days. They have been working very hard on getting new product designed, tweaked and printed.

There will be a lot of new Christmas card designs as well as some new invitations for birthdays as well as baby showers.

Sugar Tree Press is also excited to be featuring what they call "Forever Calendars" (more commonly known as perpetual calendars). These are calendars that ONLY contain the month and a list of days so you can write down birthday, anniversaries and other important events the occur year after year. It is a great way to keep track of those important days without having to update it to a new calendar every year.

Sugar Tree Press is also going to be featuring family trees, day you were born certificates and photo wreaths.

It is the hope that pictures will be available soon!

Sugar Tree Press will also be a vendor in a craft show happening this weekend in Southern WI.

Make sure to check back soon for photos from this exciting event!

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