Monday, October 17, 2011

Featured Party: Sophia's Candy Land Adventure

My first 'big' party was for a sweet little girl named Sophia. Sophia was turning one and her mom, Jessica, contacted me through Etsy. I had a great time helping Jessica out with the party - it was helpful that she was really creative. In the two months I spent helping Jessica prepare for Sophia's party we became great friends.

1) Jessica had a local baker create her a Candy Land Theme cake. The cake even include parts of the game board!
2) I love how each of her cupcakes had their own uniqueness.
3) A Candy Land path was created with colored card stock.
4) I created this "I AM ONE" high chair banner for her. I printed and shipped the letters and she assembled with rainbow colored ribbons.

5)I printed this banner and Jessica assembled.
6)These are Sugar Tree Press gift tags attached to toothbrushes. I loved this idea paired up with the candy buffet.
7) A cavity waiting to happen. I designed the hershey wrappers and the 'Grab a Bag' sign.
8) Jessica came to me with this idea, I printed and sent little circles with each month on it, to attach to it's respective photo. 1 month all the way to 1 year.
9) Paper Napkin Rings by STP
10) Sophia holding onto a water bottle - label designed by STP.
11) Mini-Hershey Bar Wrappers. I sent Jessica this digital file, she took it to Staples and had it printed. Depending on your party size it can be very cost effective to print yourself.
12) I had such a great time helping out Jessica that I thought I would include a little gift for Sophia.

In the seven months since I helped plan this party I have learned a lot! I am so grateful Jessica allowed me to be part of Sophia's special day!

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