About Us

Sugar Tree Press was started in December of 2009 when Lindsey decided not only did she enjoy designing but she was very talented at it.  Lindsey started doing invites for just family and friends but soon turned it into a business.  She created an Etsy page and has been designing customized invites and party supplies ever since.  Fast forward a few years and Lindsey then decided to partner with a long time friend Justina.  Sugar Tree Press had gotten to be so busy back up was necessary.  In early October 2011, Lindsey and Justina formed a partnership that will remain under the name of Sugar Tree Press.  They are both very excited about this partnership and are excited to see where it takes them.

About Lindsey
Lindsey is the mastermind behind Sugar Tree Press.  The company was ultimately her idea and through a lot of hard work and dedication she has created an amazing company with a great customer base and it is growing everyday.  She is a self taught designer and is constantly learning new things everyday.

Lindsey is married to her husband of almost 5 years and together they have two precious daughters and 2 crazy dogs and they reside in a small town in southern Wisconsin.

About Justina
Justina partnered with Lindsey in early October of 2011.  After years and years of talking about designing things together, they finally made it official.  Justina went to college at UW-Whitewater and has a degree in Multimedia/Digital Arts.  She has always been creative and enjoys expressing her creativity in a variety of ways.

Justina enjoys spoiling both her Godson and her Niece.  She also resides in a small town in southern Wisconsin.