Monday, March 5, 2012

Featured Party: Emersyn's Cupcake Party

After what seemed like months and months (which really was just a couple weeks) of trying to think of the perfect theme for my niece's first birthday party and having free reign to do whatever I wanted, the idea of cupcakes and the number "1" was the winner. The design itself was done MONTHS before her actual birthday because I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. Not only was this my Goddaughter's First birthday, a good portion of my family and my sister and brother-in-law's family and friends would see the work that Lindsey and I work so hard to make perfect come to life for the first time. I wanted and needed everything to be as perfect as possible.

1: Cuppie toppers, in cuppies, in a fancy cuppie stand.
2: Thank Yous!
3: Emersyn's very own birthday cake, a GIANT cuppie!
4: Invites!
5: Emersyn enjoying her cake!
6: Close up of the cuppie toppers
7: Emersyn's fancy outfit. A tutu made by Stephanie at Tutus for Utoo (check her out on facebook!) and her shirt hand sewn by Lindsey and myself to match the "1" on her invites and cuppie toppers
8: High-chair banner!

Lindsey and I are both so happy with how this collection came out. Everyone at the party thought it was very cute. Everything came together just as expected and Emersyn had a great first birthday!

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