Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our First Vendor Show

Sugar Tree Press was in its very first vendor show!

Going in, neither myself or Lindsey knew quite what to expect, but we knew we had to do the show. It was a small show with about 20 vendors so while we were getting prepared we weren't sure what to make, to bring. We both truly believe that Sugar Tree Press one day will be at huge vendor shows so we knew that in order for this to happen we had to start somewhere. The difficult thing was, we weren't sure what kind of products to bring because you never know the audience you will get and what they will be looking for.

We brought almost all our collection samples with us, many samples of Christmas cards, perpetual calendars, fill in the blank invites, and blank cards among other things. We did a lot of networking and met some amazing people. We were very grateful for this experience and have learned so much from just this first show. On the way home, Lindsey and I both discussed how we both felt that the show went very well, and looking back there was nothing we wished we would have done differently. We consider it a success and are already planning another show in a couple of weeks in December! We took lots of pictures and had a great time. Not all the pictures made the cut. Some that didn't make the cut include Lindsey and myself jamming to N'SYNC on Pandora and a picture of our fancy new Intuit Gadget that hooks up to an iPhone and allows us to process credit cards and check immediately. Below are the ones that made the cut:

1) Most of our collections laid out on our very nice gray fabric.
2) Minnie Mouse inspired-Zebra collection.
3) Forever (perpetual) Calendars.
4) Mickey & Minnie inspired Classic Collection
5) Day you were Born certificate and Family Tree
6) Our pink bedazzled stapler named Regis (Rege for short). We love it!
7) Woody & Buzz inspired collection
8) Sometimes you have to improvise. Our banner kept folding up so we taped scissors to the back so it hung nicely.
9) Our tables all laid out. A good friend of ours made the structure where we hung our cards. We are so appreciative that he was able to do this for us so last minute.

We wanted to make sure we send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us prepare for this show and to everyone who came out to see us!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Contest Time!

Sugar Tree Press is hosting a contest! The winner will receive 30 free Holiday cards*!

To enter the contest please email a photo to represent your family to sugartreepress@gmail.com. We will be taking entries through Wednesday, November 9th at 10pm CST. At 10:30pm CST all photos will be uploaded to our Facebook Fan Page. The photo with the most likes by Friday, November 18th at 10pm CST will be the winner. The picture submitted for the contest does not have to be the one used for the card. Sugar Tree Press assumes that all pictures sent to us are rights free.

If you are not a winner in this contest and wish to purchase holiday cards from us, we will offer a 30% discount. This offer will be valid through November 25th, 10pm CST.

*Your choice of any rectangular card.

If the winner would like more than 30 Holiday cards, you can purchase additional cards at 30% off.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Product!

Sugar Tree Press is excited to announce that they will be introducing a bunch of new product over the next few days. They have been working very hard on getting new product designed, tweaked and printed.

There will be a lot of new Christmas card designs as well as some new invitations for birthdays as well as baby showers.

Sugar Tree Press is also excited to be featuring what they call "Forever Calendars" (more commonly known as perpetual calendars). These are calendars that ONLY contain the month and a list of days so you can write down birthday, anniversaries and other important events the occur year after year. It is a great way to keep track of those important days without having to update it to a new calendar every year.

Sugar Tree Press is also going to be featuring family trees, day you were born certificates and photo wreaths.

It is the hope that pictures will be available soon!

Sugar Tree Press will also be a vendor in a craft show happening this weekend in Southern WI.

Make sure to check back soon for photos from this exciting event!