Monday, February 27, 2012

Featured Party: Micah's Green & Pink Birthday

The idea for this theme was brought to me by one of my good online friends. I met Tynesha when she was pregnant with her daughter Micah and I was pregnant with my second daughter Camille. (Cami) After seeing Micah grow for the past year I was SOO excited when she asked me to do Micah's party for her!  She came to me with the idea of bright green and bright pink. She really loved the color combination but wanted something a little more chic.

This has been without a doubt one of the most difficult color schemes to try and work with.  When I finally thought of a way to make it work I fell in love - I hope you do too!

This design will be available (sans cupcakes) in our Etsy Store and Website in the next few days.

Without further ado, here are the pictures from Micah's party!

1) Part of the party set up in the garage.
2) Napkin rings by Sugar Tree Press. I love that she used an extra napkin ring on the front of the bucket to add more decoration!
3) Her cupcake smash cake - so adorable. I give props to whoever decorated it. I am normally very artsy but when it came to decorating a cupcake that size for my oldest daughters birthday it came out pretty horrific.
4) Water bottle wrappers by Sugar Tree Press
5) The adorable birthday girl!
6) Miniature hershey wrappers. I really like the idea of putting them on the 'fun size' bars so you can see what you are about to peel into.
7) Birthday Banner by Sugar Tree Press. I love the idea of the streamers on the wall.
8) Cupcake Toppers by Sugar Tree Press
9) Candy & Sweets Buffet.
10) An age banner. This was not made by me but it's a really cute idea - I love when people do this. Also - more streamers!
11) Another shot of the buffet table. I love how she used an extra goody bag topper (by Sugar Tree Press) as a little sign on the table!
12) The sign of a successful birthday party.

That's all folks! If you would like to see your child's party featured please shoot us an email to

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