Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vendor Show-December 2011

Our second and final vendor show of 2011 has come and gone. It was a good show, and the light snow that barely blanketed Southern Wisconsin really put us in the Christmas Spirit.

We headed to the show, with tons of product in hand and although we got there a little later than we would have liked, we got everything up and running in no time. The special thing about this show was that all the vendors were women and it was geared primarily towards women.

Many of the vendors there were selling Avon, Lia Sophia, Miché bags, Tastefully Simple or something of the sort. We were the only vendor there selling stuff that we made from a company we owned. We had many people come to us and ask us how we found out about Sugar Tree Press and how we started selling it. We then explained to them that it was our company and we owned it.

This show was only 4 hours long but it was busy with a steady stream of people coming though at all times. We had some sales and once again thought the show was a moderate success. As always, we learned a few things and are always continuing to think of ways to improve what we are doing.

We had a lot of ready made product and of course our trusty stapler Regis made an appearance. Here are some pictures :

1-Table set up
2-Regis with new friends. Please meet: Scissors-Sally Jesse Raphael, Pens-Abraham & a yet to be named companion.
3-Table set up
4-Our sign, which laid mostly flat with no additional help from scissors OR forks.
5-Our adorable chocolate bar snowmen. With fleece hats and scarves. Hats hand sewn by Lindsey.
6-Our assortment of cuppie toppers, including New Years, Snowflake, Penguin and Santa & Friends.

We have a lot of exciting things going on and are very eager to share all those things with you.

Check back soon!

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