Thursday, September 22, 2011

Introduction to STP

Welcome to the Sugar Tree Press blog,

This blog is going to showcase latest items, giveaways and information about our products. If you're not familiar with Sugar Tree Press, let me explain.

Sugar Tree Press was started by Lindsey. Back in 2008, She was 20-something, pregnant with her first daughter, and had quite a bit of time on her hands. At first it was just a hobby, a time passer, but after teaching herself how to really design, she opened up shop online. Lindsey started off with Etsy, she uploaded the designs of a couple stationary items and before long Sugar Tree Press was a hit !

It's been all up-hill since then. Sugar Tree Press has furnished many parties and events with all their customized, printed needs. Everything from a first birthday up to a wedding, and everything in between.

We now have a facebook page, that we promote current items with, and any other great news ( giveaways! )

Ontop of the facebook page we're all proud to announce that there is a website in the works, where you're able to shop online with ease.

Please feel free to click any highlighted text above, it is the link to that specific page or website.

Owner, Lindsey and her dog ;

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